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Used Car Leases in Israel 2022

A used car lease is an advanced and affordable alternative to financing and new car leasing. Now available for English speaking persons living in Israel.

Used car lease payments as low as 800 per month including VAT.  All cars have 1 year 15k km limited warranties, some have 2 years 30k km. Ask us for pricing on specific models by completing the form at the bottom of the page. 

NOTE: currently there is a serious shortage of used vehicles in Israel, please contact us for availability. 

Western Style Closed End Lease

"Western style closed end lease” which designates it as a contract with no obligation at the end, is a valuable financing tool for today’s savvy consumers. 

Though you may exercise your option to purchase by cash or finance at the end of the used car lease contract, you can also opt to do nothing; just return the car.  This used car lease program is exactly the same as the new car lease program. All the same safeguards are present: buying and the dreaded selling processes are terminated, and you have protection from asset depreciation due to unpredictable markets. 

A Used Car Lease is Superior to Financing

Here’s why.

  • Lower monthly payments – 16 to 25% less per month – reason You’re not paying for the whole car only the portion that you will use. 
  • Lower finance costs – in an effort to lower monthly payments many turn to used cars over new cars but fail to understand if they use financing on the used car they are increasing their financing costs by 55% or more 
  • Low up-front cost – used cars are a flat ₪ 6500 down not like financing down payment requirements which range from 10 to 20% of the cars cost. 
  • No possibility negative equity – since you are not buying only using you cannot lose money on the depreciation values.
  • Short commitments - 24 months - think of it like a 2-year test drive.  At the end of the lease contract if you like the car you can buy it for its future reduced value minus a nice discount.  Benefit at that future time you will know the car thoroughly.  
  • No Buying and Selling – buying a used car is straight forward, shop around compare prices. Selling however can be much more time consuming and frustrating  
  • Easy qualification – even if a new immigrant chances are you can be approved more easily for a lease than you can a finance, because, you are not borrowing money you are being given the ability to use a vehicle as your own for a short period of time 

₪ 6500 minimum down payment

Economy Class


1.2 liter automatic

 KIA Picanto LX

1.25 liter automatic

 Renault Clio

1.2 liter Turbo automatic

Small Family Class

 Hyundai i25 

1.4 & 1.6 liter automatic

 Hyundai i20

1.4 liter automatic

Mitsubishi Attrage

2 liter automatic

Renault Clio Estate

1.2 liter turbo automatic

Family Class

Nissan Sentra

1.8 liter automatic

Toyota Corolla

1.6 liter automatic

Toyota Auris 

1.8 liter Hybrid automatic 

Hyundai i35 

1.6 liter automatic

KIA Ceed Estate

1.6 liter automatic

 Renault Fluence

1.6 liter benzine automatic

1.5 liter diesel automatic

KIA Forte

1.6 liter automatic

Opel Berlina

1.4 liter automatic

Mazda 3

1.6 liter automatic


These affordable used car lease 24 month contracts have yearly allowances of 20,000 km per year 40,000 overall, and carry limited warranties (components and time/km).  These are personal lease contracts so you will be responsible for annual registration, maintenance (oil changes etc.), and insurance costs.

NOTE: If you are not sure why a closed end, no end of contract obligation is so important, please take a minute visit the link to understand how this differs from popular "lease" contracts offered in Israel today.

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