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We listened to our client's request - INTRODUCING 

Vehicle Management System for Personal Leases 

Lease contracts are built on prearranged timelines to minimize loss of value, and execution of operational events in a timely manner.

However, busy lives, our non-native familiarity or knowledge base, and human tendencies to misunderstand or miscalculate can create lapses in meeting our contractual obligations, resulting in financial penalties.

Our clients have been asking for support in meeting these obligations; now it’s here.

Vehicle Management – Personalized & Affordable

With our personalized lease management system, Lease+all segments of the car’s operation are scripted, executed on time, and documented; nothing is left to chanceIt's the same method utilized by professional fleet managers the world over to control costs and it is so affordable! 

Think of it in terms of the popular full-service, a/k/a. operational, or business lease – in Heb. (leasing tifoli).    We kept the essential elements of the "business" lease, discarding the unnecessary services that are not relevant to individuals, and now offer a comprehensive affordable plan.  

Two popular FAQ’s

  1. Can I arrange a lease on my own? 
  2. Can I manage it on my own? 

The answer to both is, yes, you can, and the lease companies will be thrilled for you to do so!!

So, let's rephrase the questions - should I arrange and manage it on my own? Perhaps these videos will help.

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Initial Features                           

Advice & Recommendation

One time cost of 250 ₪ + VAT

plus items listed in black below

  • initial guidance of model and class selection
  • MOC operational cost analysis
  • private insurance quotes
  • lease package evaluation
  • closing assistance (contracts)
  • delivery setup items
  • Km tracking
  • Annual progress reports including usage projections
  • Email (second & third year) reminders of upcoming critical management events
  • Translation service (assistance in understanding correspondence from lease company, invoice explanations, etc.)
  • Customer service questions   
  • Maintenance/service documentation storage, real-time submission to relevant lease company departments 
  • Registration/license renewal assistance, documentation storage, real-time submission to relevant lease company departments
  • EOL (end-of-lease) damage assessments and explanation of charges
  • Acquisition of release of liens for returned vehicle (for insurance cancellation or refund of unused premium)
  • Assumptions (early contract cancellations)
  • Purchase and finance consultation assistance (if client opts to keep the vehicle) 

Items in bold red require annual subscription of 199 ₪ per year, about 16 ₪ per month.

Introductory discounts available call or write us for details.