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Auto Insurance Quotes

Receiving auto insurance quotes before deciding on a car is prudent, especially if your monthly budget is a factor.  

In addition to the obvious factors that effect premiums (year, make, and model of car, and the age and driving history of its drivers), are things such as age of children living at home and if the car will be used on Shabbat.  If you have children under the age of 8 living at home, some carriers give a discount, as most do if the car will not be used on Shabbat. 

Agents vs Direct

When you buy direct from the insurance company your premiums will likely be cheaper, but there is a big trade off in electing not to use an agent, service.

Hopefully you will never need to make a claim but if you do, persons using agents receive on average 20% more on their settlements than those who purchased coverage direct.  

Agents give personal service after hours, and better service during work hours, since their call duration's are not monitored by a management team.  

It is our recommendation that you consider using an agency even if the premiums are a bit higher, it will pay off if you ever need them.  

Complete the basic form below to get an estimate of what you will need to budget monthly for auto insurance, and use this info to complete your financial planning of the car purchase.

You are going to be so much more prepared to make good financial decisions than most people by following this simple step.

Notice: Worksheet for operating a motor vehicle in Israel ONLY!