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Consultation for Automobile Use in Israel

Fact: Money, specifically

  • Financing cost
  • Depreciation cost

will determine your overall satisfaction as much or more than model selection, or original sale price, in the years to come.

Unless you are a first-time car owner, you are familiar with the buying procedure and the expense of using cash or bank financing to fund your purchase, same applies to those preferring a lease. Therefore, the usual response to a consultation invitation is "I don’t need a consultant. I know how to buy and pay for a car; this is not my first rodeo!"

Question - Why do businesses hire consultants? Don’t they know how to run their business?

Answer - Yes, they do. Yet, a proactive business owner knows a good consultant will explore and challenge his or her preconceived views. Challenging the customary "This is the way it has always been done" position.

As we near the end 2023 approaching 2024, we are forced to deal with four core irregularities that have already impacted the automobile market and are poised to increase their influence in the future.

Four Adverse Anomalies
Converging Simultaneously

1. EV (electric vehicle) Market
Successful vehicle choices and financing methods will be measured in the future against the backdrop of the emergent EV (electric vehicle) market. This is not a trend but a market alteration. Conventional fossil fuel vehicles, including hybrids, are primed to be negatively affected.

2. Economic Shutdown
Who of us have taken on the responsibility of a car on the heels of an unprecedented global economic shutdown? It was inconceivable that governments around the world would entirely shut down their economies, as we experienced at the dawning of this decade, but they did. We are still feeling its effects and now live in a world where the unimaginable can happen again. What is your exit strategy? Do you have a (simple & economical) severance path from your financial obligations should this occur again?

3. Social Carbon Score
Soon we will have to consider our vehicle selection in relation to our social carbon score. Review these links and come to your own conclusions where this is leading us, and how this can impact your decisions.

PCAF (Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials)
Master Card Carbon Calculator

World Economic Forum

4. Virtual Nonexistence of Inventory

Corona slowed the entire economy. Then shortages of microchips and other raw materials needed for car production hit the automobile market with a "left" that no one saw coming.

Mitigating the Anomalies

Advocating value to our customers

including but not exclusively based on price levels.

In iAnglo’s 30-minute video consultation we will first discuss the leasing option. It tends to be the most underappreciated and misunderstood financing option. Its ability to protect your financial resources is second to none in this "new economy" we find ourselves in.

If it becomes evident that a purchase will better suit your needs, we will give you valuable advice on the buying process: bank financing, historical depreciation rates, and more.

Consultation Medium : If you will have access to a computer or a smartphone, a video conference & screen share session is preferred.  This will help you to fully understand the lease concept, including your responsibilities, and that of a leasing company, and or purchasing options. 

If you do not have access to a computer or smartphone, we will do the best we can by telephone.