Lease Ready for Assumption
No Money Down

Obviously everyone wants value, here is a great opportunity.  This car is currently under contract and the client needs to exit the contract early for one reason or another.  

The normal application and approval process is still needed, their is a small setup/acquisition fee of 1500 ₪ plus VAT.

The full bumper to bumper manufacturer warranty is still in effect.  You will have the option at the end to buy it if you so desire or extend the contract - but there is  no obligation to do either since this is a closed-end lease contract.

Apply by clicking on the yellow "Apply Online" button on the right or using this link.

2020 Toyota C-HR C-LUB

Monthly Payment of ₪ 1748 

The contract allows a total of 62,000 km, it currently has 10,500 km. 

Description: 1.8 liter hybrid engine, automatic transmission, Multimedia, Camera, Bluetooth, Android Auto + Apple CarPlay, Split climate control AC, upgraded cruise control, LED lights, USB/AUX, Keyless start, Mobile Eye, Magnesium rims, and more.

Fuel economy manufacture listed as 26.3 km/l combined city & highway.  Horse power 122

Notes:  Great opportunity this will make a very nice car to commute to work in, easy to park, and after work take the kids to the beach or to the mall and spend the money you are saving on transportation costs!! 

If you want more information on this very special offer please complete the form below and we will be in contact to set a time to talk