Auto Financing
What Your Bank is Not Telling You

The auto financing and leasing system in Israel is neither consumer friendly nor forthcoming.  Lending institutions have numerous conflicting policies and restrictions.  General procedures are nonexistent even between branches of the same bank family.

Loan officers and their managers who are the gate keepers in deciding if you are eligible to receive auto loan financing are by nature conservative; therefore, to increase your chances of receiving financing with favorable terms, you must know which branch and which managers are looking for automobile loans.

Dealer Financing

Dealer offered financing packagers are not always to your best interest.  Dealers, lease companies, and their participating banks do not operate as consumer counselors.  Their function is to quickly get you the customer into a vehicle and move to the next client.  Reviewing all options, cash vs. lease vs. finance (conventional and alternative) takes time and knowledge which many sales representatives don't posses, and do not have time to explain.


Presentation is Everything

Have your loan professionally presented to the individual lending branches’ that are seeking new customers and are in need of increasing their auto loan portfolios. Your chances of receiving the loan and at terms that are easy to meet will increase substantially.

English vs. Hebrew

There are a lot of things we native English speakers can do in our second language but auto leasing and financing is not necessarily one of them. Nuances and implied content on financial matters can be problematic. Case in point the popular offer of No interest loans. 

Have your options and terms explained to you in your native tongue, only then can all the questions and concerns you may have be addressed to your satisfaction.

The Loan Arranger

We are your bridge between the bureaucratic financial institutions and the English speaking public who need affordable automobile auto financing.  To reach this goal we stay current on the fluctuating and diverse programs offered by competing banks and their independent branches.

Satisfy your left brain concerns first by investigating the cost of automobile ownership.  The form above on the right is a general information contact request.  If you are sure that you want to start the pre-approval process use this link, much of the process can be accomplished while you are at home or work. 

Use this link if you want to consider a new car or if a used car is your preference.