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Periodic Maintenance You Need to Perform

You just got a new car there are maintenance items you need to regularly address to keep it in top shape for your service and the future resale. These things apply regardless if you bought or leased a new or used car.  Yes even brand new cars need your attention from day one so don't skimp on these items.   

Check the Engine Oil and Coolant Regularly

You should check your oil level at least one a month, of course the car must be off when checking and on level ground.  If you have an older car and notice drip spots you may need to check it more often than every 30 days; and get the leak fixed.

Same is true of the coolant level, notice we did not say water. Water is not sufficient to protect your engine it must be a coolant and water mixture.  Do not perform this check when the engine is hot only after it has cooled.

Check All Fluid Levels

You don't have to check these every 30 days (power steering, brake, windshield wiper fluid) but if you are under the hood anyway take a quick peak. Most of the fluid reservoirs are now transparent so its an easy task.

Don't Forget the Battery

Its common for the battery to be overlooked but it needs love too. Our climate is very dry which can cause dry cells.  If you have a battery that is not sealed, pop the lids and see that the water level is to the top.  If you must add water do not overfill. Use distilled water, the water sold for clothes irons is fine. If you accidentally get water from the battery on you just flush with tap water.

Tire Maintenance

Couple of items here. The pressure must be checked every 30 days and or if you are taking a long trip. This is a safety issue as well as making sure to get the most in fuel efficiency.  Under inflated tires are not safe and cause drag. Never check and adjust pressure when the tires are hot from driving only when tires are cold; tires have heated even after driving 5 km.

Pressure settings are generally listed on the drivers door or maybe in a glove compartment - pay attention to the pressures they vary from front to rear. If you have a full spare don't forget to check it as well. 

If your car is parked outside a lot try to rotate its direction in relation to the afternoon sun.  If you normally pull in to your space try to reverse in periodically.  The hot dry climate will play havoc on tires drying them out so alternate their direct exposure to the sun.

Waxing the Exterior

We know waxing cars is against our religion :-) but it should be done. Water should bead up on the paint into little balls if the beads are bigger than a half shekel coin it needs wax.  This will keep your car looking like the day you bought it which is good for you and for resale possibilities later.

Windshield Wipers & Washer

Simple, replace wiper blades every Sukkot when the Nation begins to pray for rain. The hot simmer sun has damaged them.  

Check the windshield washer reservoir periodically.  When low fill with either washer fluid, available at most service stations, or distilled water.  This will keep from placing mineral deposits on the windshield and in the delivery tubes. 

Fogged Up Windshield?

The quickest way to defog a windshield is with the AC on even in the winter.  Turn the vent controls to the windshield make sure the AC is on and if you are cold turn the temp control to hot. The AC will dry the air and clear the windshield very fast.

Maintenance Records

Its required on new cars and suggested on used ones to get your regular servicing (oil changes-brakes-timing belts etc.) done at authorized facilities, and specify that you want only original factory replacement parts. This will insure the correct replacement parts are used and that all records are available in the computer to prove your maintenance history.  ALWAYS keep a hard copy of all receipts. 

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