Recognition of  Value
Closed-end Lease Plan

Once there is a recognition that a closed-end lease plan is preferable, some questions then arise.

  • Leasing is a service; what plan is best?
  • Why do monthly payments vary from one company to another?
  • Are these price differences indicative only of profit variations, or do they contemplate quality variations as well.

Unlike purchasing a car, which is a simple one-dimensional structure where you compare one dealer’s offer against another -- assuming of course that you are comparing the exact same model -- and choose the least expensive of the two, it’s not the same when comparing one closed-end lease contract to another.  It’s not just a machine you are acquiring; you are also receiving a service of distinctive levels depending on the package chosen.

Packages – There are, inside the closed-end lease contract family, 3 major categories of service levels

  1. Private
  2. Private with insurance
  3. Full Service (tifoli)

We Can Assist in Choosing the Best Lease Plan for You

To derive the optimal outcome of reducing transportation costs, you need to know when to apply a specific service package to achieve that desired result.

We can guide you in understanding, first, if leasing of any variation is right for you, and if so, which closed-end lease package will produce the maximum benefit for your situation. 

Example - It's currently a popular choice to choose a closed-end lease plan that includes the automobile insurance costs in the monthly payment.  Should you take a closed-end plan with insurance included?  The answer is conditional - sometimes yes and sometimes no.  It can only be fully assessed with a comprehensive understanding of the not-so-well-known aspects  of how such a plan is constructed. 

Before you venture on your own, please complete this short questionnaire. Then we can set a time to discuss your options, and should you wish, we will guide you through the entire process, in addition to providing added value not easily found elsewhere.