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Leasing Assistance for Israel Olim  

This page, although written for new olim, will still be of value to any oleh considering whether a lease or a purchase is in their best interest.

We monitor the olim social media sites in Israel and wish to make an observation that typically will go unnoticed.  Blanket statements/advice, both for and against leasing, are common on these platforms.  Although given by good-intentioned persons, the inherent weakness of this well-intentioned advice is that it comes from a very "limited perspective" -- their own or that of relative, friend, or co-worker.

There are 3 main approaches for maintaining a car in Israel: 

  1. Rent
  2. Lease
  3. Purchase

Depending on the vast differences in an Oleh's personal circumstances (time-location-finances-usage), all three have a place and a function. 

We have a time-proven method for guiding olim and a desire to contribute in making your aliyah a success. We hope that this short video series will help you.


Key PointsWe too are olim -- we pulled up stakes from abroad where we were financially more comfortable and accustomed to how things are done. 

Most likely, we share a similar culture, where personal transportation was not only a given but really a necessity of life. Cars, for us olim, are as second nature as air.

As olim, we undertake numerous adjustments in making Israel our home and are happy to do so.  But it’s imperative that some areas of our new life here be familiar -- specifically the ability to go where we need to go when we need to go.

Key Points - Who of us would venture out on our streets and highways without rules on how to drive – without a structure?  No one, because rules and structure protect us. The same holds true when paying for cars, especially now as we enter into the EV market (electric vehicles).

We say “Embrace the Structure”

Professional lease companies provide their clients (you) a safe environment to control vehicle ownership costs. 

·        Considerable purchase discounts.

·        VAT tax advantages.

·        Sell your car at lease end using their commissioned sales staff and retail outlets.

·        Only require that you pay for the car’s scheduled depreciation, while in your possession. 

Key Points - Lease companies and their employees should not be expected to relate to our shared experience of making Israel our new home and the expectations of customer service we took for granted outside Israel. 

But the lease companies have something that we all need: resources, connections, and business expertise to make cost-effective lease packages available to you. 

This is our strength to harness this power/structure that lease companies provide and adapt it to our clients’ needs.

Not everyone can or will benefit from leasing.  Leasing is not a one-size-fits-all.  Because of this, we insist on consultations.  

We analyze each client’s specific situation.  This is not marketing rhetoric; it's our profession, passion, and we are quite good at it.

If leasing is right for you, we have a full-service program to guide you.  But If leasing is not right for you, we will tell you this as well.  

Key Points - Can you approach leasing companies on your own?  Yes of course.  In fact, they prefer that you do since they employ and train commissioned personnel to move their products. 

They offer added incentives to their staff to sell products and packages containing higher profit margins; therefore, you must know what is really contained in those packages, what personal circumstances must be present to warrant its use. 

Ask yourself -- who do I want to guide me?  A commissioned salesperson or someone who will consult with me before the showroom visit?  

Showrooms are a distraction designed to appeal to your right brain emotional side.  This is okay for purchases since they are simplistic, one-dimensional transactions.  Leasing, however, is a service. Comparing services is a more difficult task.  Book your personalized consultation today