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Import Car Models from North America

The admissible import car models list changed April 1, 2012. The Ministry of Transportation in Israel expanded the  criteria to include vehicles meeting American standards. Included also will be US standard compliant cars that are manufactured outside North America.

This is good news for you since the US is a large and lucrative car market.  Vehicles manufactured outside its borders, for instance Japan, are sold in the US cheaper than in their country of origin. You may now take advantage of this savings here in Israel.

What Makes iAnglo's Program Different?

If you request a consultation iAnglo will first make sure that you are a good candidate for importing, not everyone or every car is.  This is a key feature - our import department only gets involved once you are comfortable that this is the right choice for you, it's fair to say we have helped more people to decide against importing than to import.  The criteria for a successful importation falls into 3 categories.

  • Car model not offered for sale or lease in Israel
  • Sentimental attachment to a specific model
  • High end vehicles. 

Nefesh b Nefesh has a lot of general information regarding importing a car that you may find helpful especially pertaining to your Aliyah benefits package; if however you are wanting specifics and accurate cost quotes we can help.  Our quotes may seem higher than others this is due to a comprehensive estimate.  We include all costs even the ones that your insurance company will require once the car is legal. 

Here are a couple videos from customers who came to us for guidance.

Meet Yossi

Meet Chaim from Bat Yam.

Pay as You Go

If you need to buy a car to import, you will work one on one with a buyer in the US who understands what cars can and cannot come into Israel, and the charge for this acquisition assistance is $999 per vehicle.  If you want to shop Manheim ( the largest auction for automobiles in the US) this is possible too. This way you know exactly what you are paying for the car just as if you were there at the dealership. Once you have chosen a car and the inspections have been finished you will pay the selling dealer directly. 

The US buyers assisting you are active in the car business in both dealer franchises and the independent wholesale market. You will not be limited to east coast purchases where most cars that are imported by local Israeli companies come from. Some of the buyers are in Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Florida. If you already own the car that you want to import this step is eliminated; but you too will need help in the next phase, shipping and customs clearing.

In Israel you will work directly with our customs clearance provider. Shipping is a crucial part of the equation but it is not the most important.  The car must be cleared properly, you will be guided all the way to the end of arranging the security system your insurance company will require -- it's called "keys in hand."

The custom clearer will accompany you to the tax offices where the final amount of taxes owed will be assessed and you will pay this directly to the customs clearer. We believe this to be the most transparent way so you know where every shekel goes.

The First Step

In the form below please check the appropriate boxes which will help us understand what it is that interest you. Note for new Olim - if you wish to use your Aliyah rights to purchase a used car, importing is your only option.

Have fun and dream a little.