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Buying Used Cars

People have been buying used cars without professional assistance since they strapped the internal combustion engine to the frame of a horse-drawn carriage; and it’s not our supposition that individuals will cease from buying on their own. It is our position, however, that if there is a better way of buying used cars why not investigate?

You here because you were interested in one of the cars we advertised on Janglo.  Some ask why we don't have a long list of used cars for sale.  Simple we are not interested in being an English version of Yad2.  

Yad2 lists everything that individuals and dealers, have to sell.  They do not have time nor the obligation to verify the details of the ads. Full disclosure and accurate details are not always fully developed attributes of advertisers.  You the consumer have to pick through a lot of undesirables to find the pearls.