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General Information

This new tax increase will have far more impact on the car market in Israel than just the initial increased costs.  To understand it's long range effects please book a consultation today. 


There are two depreciation structures which are encoded into the automobiles “DNA” so to speak. These two systems fall under a single category called Planned Obsolescence. To read more click on the blue link icon


Pseudo Leases

Client Question: A relative recently did a dealer purchase. He mentioned his deal was apparently similar to a lease where he could put down 15-30% of the price. Read full article click on the red link icon

Leasing's Perceived Black Eye

It's ironic that leasing has negative characteristics associated with it... in reality it's probably the most useful tool we have to maintain a vehicle Read full article click on the black eye photo

Balloon Note Financing is Not a Lease

What passes as a car lease today in Israel many times is not a lease at all; it’s a residual note or balloon financing plan To read more click on the green link icon

Webinar links

Nefesh B'Nefesh webinar summer 2016

Main Subject: Comparing the 5 year finance of a new car to 2 new leases in the same time period, you will be surprised at the results. If you wish skip ahead start with slide #5 at the 15:29 mark where the comparison begins. Click on the blue button to listen to the recording


Buying & Selling Used Cars

Selling your used car can be a challenge. One reason is dealers have found ways to post their cars in the private section of Yad2 to increase the possibility of an inquiry. To read more click on the phone photo