Auto Loan vs. Lease 

Your initial inclination might be simply to compare prices of a auto loan to a lease, that is normal it’s what we have been trained to do from years of buying and selling cars.  

Leasing is different than Buying

Price only comparison in a purchase is enough, it is a simplistic one-dimensional transaction; leasing however first and foremost is the acquisition of a service: the car is the eventual result. Comparing prices on services is more complicated, and often subjects the customer to terms and conditions they were not expecting. 

Can you approach leasing companies on your own?

Yes of course you can, retail businesses prefer to deal with clients one-on-one employing trained commissioned sales personnel to move their products. They encourage their staff to sell package deals, such as lease plans that include insurance.  These packages however have much higher profit margins due to the structure of the insurance product itself.  This blurs the line and confuses the client. Clients perceive they are getting more for their money when in fact they received less protection.  

Who do you want guiding you?  A commissioned salesperson trained to sell the product that will earn them the most money, a person who cannot relate to your position as an oleh? Or someone who too is an oleh and completely understands your position, and more importantly understands the leasing market, and knows which companies and which plans are best for their customer?

What We Offer That No Other Company in Israel Can
Full English Interface Service

Initial guidance - explanation  

• Differences in lease plans (there are 4 major plans from which to choose)

• Lease company’s obligations

• Client’s obligations

• Contract Terms 

Once a suitable plan is chosen, we assist in 

• Obtaining a pre-approval for the client

• Scheduling and coordinate the closing at your home, work, or lease company facility

• Assist in arranging insurance (if needed)

• Scheduling taking of possession of vehicle 

• Trade-in assistance if applicable

After delivery we are available for 

• Translation needs (non-Hebrew speakers)

• Customer service questions 

• Conflict resolution

• Obtaining ancillary items (parking permits, Hwy 6 registration, disability certificates, etc.)

• Email reminders during the lease 

• Assumptions (early contract cancellations)

End of Contract we assist in 

• Replacement – new lease

• Returns – abandoning 

• Purchase and financing (if client wishes to keep the vehicle) 

• Contract extensions

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