Import Car Models from North American

April 1, 2012 the Ministry of Transportation in Israel expanded the admissible import car models criteria to include vehicles meeting American standards. Included also will be US standard compliant cars that are manufactured outside North America.

The US is a large and lucrative market; therefore vehicles manufactured outside its borders, for instance Japan, are sold in the US cheaper than in their country of origin. You may now take advantage of this savings here in Israel.

For the Record

Nationally new car sales in Israel, including personal imports, rose 4% in 2011 according to a 15-4-2012 report in Globes. We believe this legislation change will enable personal import car models to increase its market share percentage of new car sales in the months and years to come. In fact July 2012 Ianglo experienced a 92% increase of American import orders over last year.

Word is getting out, there is money to be saved and importing is not as complicated as some would have you believe; now you can easily help a car make Aliyah too.

What Makes Ianglo Different From Other Importers?

Before we give you the technical reasons why we are different see what our latest import clients have to say.

Meet Yossi

Meet Chaim from Bat Yam.

There are 4 core features that separate us from the rest.

1. We operate on a flat fee basis of $999 per vehicle to assist you in purchasing the new or used car of your choice, including consultations and import license acquisition.

Shipping and customs clearance charges vary depending on your residence status. We assist you all the way to the end of arranging the security system your insurance company will require -- it's called "keys in hand."

2. We are American ex-patriots who while working in America developed and maintained close relationships with new car dealer franchise owners and their managers, as well with used car wholesalers including Manheim Auctions. This gives us and an edge over our competition which means savings for you. While the internet has made it possible for anyone with a computer and a phone to become an "import specialist," lacking real hands on experience in the American market these "specialist" can offer only mediocre service at best.

3. Our in-house buyer maintains an office in the US. We attend and participate in industry trade shows in the US which, as any business owner knows, it's in these settings that working relationships are strengthened, which translates into savings for our clients.

These face time interactions also expand our geographical range. We do not require the use of a middleman to find potential import car models in Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Florida, or any state in the US.

4. We are not mere order takers; we know our cars and our knowledge can open a lot of opportunities for you; it's not uncommon for our clients to import a car they did not originally consider once all their options were laid out for them. Once you experience our desktop sharing session you too will see the whole picture. This whole picture can surprise you and offer options you may have considered out of range.

The First Step

In the form below please check the appropriate boxes which will help us understand what it is that interest you. Note for new Olim - if you wish to use your Aliyah rights to purchase a used car, importing is your only option.

If a new import car model is in your future, at the top of this page on the right are red and blue links. These links will take you to the respective manufacturers "build your own pages." The links will open to a new page so you can easily return to this page to request a price quote once you have completed your search. When asked to enter a zip code on the build your own sites Please use 11572.

Have fun and dream a little.

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