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Now you have your car and you want to upgrade the creature comforts. Ahuvi Shay on Rival street in Tel Aviv has what you are looking for. They have all the brand names you know and trust in our rapidly changing world of automobile electronics; names like JVC, Pioneer, Phillips, Teac, LG, and more.

Service and warranty are paramount to Dror and his staff. His English is fantastic so you can chat with him and dream and design your next muti-media purchase or discuss how to integrate a new sat-nav, blue tooth, or Pointer satellite tracking device for that extra security, into existing systems.

As an authorized Pointer dealer they are licensed and approved to work with all insurance companies in Israel to make sure that your security and immobilizer system meet the standards for maximum protection of your automobile investment.

Mention Hezy or IAnglo and receive an additional in store discount on any system purchased.

Contact Dror directly at 03-687-3323 and or visit his site Ahuvi Shay and see how the ambiance of your car can be enhanced and save money to boot. If you prefer to use email enter your first name and email address in this box and he will respond the next business day. As always thank you for your time.

Hezy BenTzur